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The Future of Your Customs Clearance:  Streamlined and Straightforward 

Focus on your core competencies, and let us handle your customs formalities.
Our services:

  • We act as your contact for all matters related to customs.
  • We perform all customs processing and issue all customs documentation.
  • We carry out import and export customs clearance.
  • We work with ATLAS, the electronic customs system.
  • We operate a bonded warehouse.


Never worry about your customs clearance again.

Our Bonded

IN-TIME operates a Type C bonded warehouse. Our in-house Customs Department oversees the management of all bonded product and ensures compliance with all customs regulations, operational and administrative, in line with our customs authorisation.

Our customs employees are experienced customs experts, qualified and capable to advise you on your customs questions.

Customs Administration
General Info

In addition to our authorisation to operate a bonded warehouse, we are an authorised customs consignee/consignor.

To ensure proper management of your bonded product, we have specially developed bonded warehouse operations. We guarantee the absolute safety of your product, as well as the highest level of professionalism with regard to customs regulations, documentation, and the resolution of any problems.

Should you have any questions related to customs matters, feel free to contact our Customs Department. We are happy to help answer your questions.