It’s all about your product

Do you have customers with special requirements? Does your product require special handling?
We are happy to offer you a wide range of value-added services.
Our focus is meeting your individual requirements through:

  • Assembly
  • Labeling (one or more languages)
  • Shrinkwrapping
  • Product enhancement
  • Sealing
  • Co-packing
  • Re-packing
  • Display building

Feel free to contact us. We will work with you to develop a logistics concept that meets your needs and requirements.

Known for quality: IN-TIME

Quality First

The appearance of your product is important.

In addition to packing, labeling, bundeling, and blister packing your product, we offer a variety of finishing services, customizable to meet your individual needs.  High volume orders are processed quickly and reliably according to high quality standards.  We offer our support in the planning, procurement, and construction of display and presentation packaging.  All documentation is carried out in line with generally applicable regulations.

Overview of our Packaging and Finishing Services:

  • marking and labeling
  • bundling, pre-packing, wrapping, blister packing
  • display building and filling
  • compiling of products according to single or multi-level picking
  • picking of individual pieces from packaged units
  • repacking per client instructions
  • sorting per client instructions
  • kit packing
  • price labeling
  • quality controls

Finishing is a core competency at IN-TIME. Regardless of the finishing process, our warehouse management system provides extreme flexibility with regard to your needs and requirements. Additionally, we offer a number of other services.

About our

IN-TIME prepares your products for you, such that they can be directly sold at your POS. In addition to co-packing, order picking, and order packing, we offer a number of additonal value added services to optimize each of your products.
We bundle varying products and assortments together, and pack and label them, in line with individual customer specifications. Is product information missing from the packaging? Would you like to add additional product information by applying stickers to the product? No problem: we’ll add the desired information, create any new labels, and label the product accordingly. Quickly and uncomplicated, to avoid disruptions or delays.
Should an alteration or modification to your product (e.g. replace or alter a component) be necessary, we are happy to carry this out for you.


Display building is a delicate matter. In addition to correctly filling display compartments, the display‘s contents (varying batches, expiration dates, etc.) must be correctly managed and detailed in line with applicable regulations. Equally important, is the correct labeling and management of the display itself. Not only the product in the display, but also the various display parts, must be managed in realtime as inventory. In order to be economically justifiable, display building requires maximum efficiency, administratively and commercially. This applies to us as a service provider, as well as to our customer.

The progress of the display build can be monitored in realtime via a web front end.


Blister packing refers to packaging your product in a stabile, transparent, plastic packaging. Via thermoforming technology, blister packaging can be produced to fit each product’s shape and design.

Blister packaging is ideal for product on display, on Euroslot hanging racks or at POS, for example. Blister packed product sells especially well when 100% of the product is visible. Customers can see exactly what they’re purchasing—positively affecting the purchase decision. Additionally, blister packaging protects the product. Blister packaging can be produced in every size, shape, and form.

As a holistic service provider, In Time offers blister packing as an additional service within the supply chain. We ensure your product is optimally prepared for sale.

Flexible, professional, and reliable.

Are you interested in shrink-wrapping or blister packing your product? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to advise you.