How we do:

At IN-TIME your product feels at home.

Do you need buffer storage for seasonal fluctuations?  Do you want to focus your operations on your core competencies?  Then let us take care of your warehousing needs.  Regardless of the storage need, our spacious and modern warehouse capacity provides flexibility in your planning.  Our Warehouse Management System enables detailed 24/7 tracking of each pallet’s location and product– down to the expiration date, batch/lot number, serial number, etc.—guranteeing the highest-level of logistics performance for your products.

We offer more than 22,000 square meters and 35,000 pallet bays of warehouse space.  With narrow-aisle, wide-aisle and block-storage space, we have a solution for every product and product requirement.

Designated areas are utilized for order-fulfillment and value-added services.  Copacking, blister packing, tray filling, and building in-store displays for the retail sector are standard daily operations.

Product imported from outside the EU can be stored in our bonded warehouse, with import duties first due when the product leaves the warehouse.  Customs clearance can be performed on your behalf by our trained and experienced customs department.

Our warehouses are temperature-controlled with continuous ambient air monitoring, enabling us to accommodate sensitive products as well.

The integrated Warehouse Management System allows you to directly access a number of other established systems.  Modern fork lifts and industrial equipment guarantee fast loading and unloading of lorries.  Our HACCP concept integrated in our warehouses ensures quality processing of your product.

Quality Control at

At the beginning of our work together, we discuss our client’s quality control requirements, such as:

    • Random sample inspection
    • Full product inspection
    • Sample taking
    • Content control

Multiple control measures can be combined.  The frequency and in-depthness of control measures can be adjusted.  For example, during the integration of a new supplier, additional control measures can be utilized.

Batch tracking and tracing at

Discussions related to interfacing our systems with our clients’ are part of our daily business.  Clients are able to view their inventory and send us orders online 24/7, enabling a complete overview of their distribution.

On behalf of our clients, we deliver product to food retailers and service providers.  Our know-how enhances the quality of your product delivery, offering you an advantage in client acquisition and retention.


At IN-TIME each day we strive to ensure that the movement of your product is carried out transparently and according to your needs.

Return Management at

Return processing and refurbishment are standard daily processes

Each step of the returns management process is defined by a Standard Operating Procedure– from the physical return of product to our warehouse and incoming product inspection, to the processing and return of the product to inventory.  Physical examination of returns for functionality and quality of material are standard services.

We are happy to work with you to develop a returns management process that meets your quality control and quality assurance requirements.

Return Management Process:

  • Examination of product’s physical and functional qualities
  • Processing and preparation for return to inventory
  • Quality control check
  • Return to inventory
  • Destruction according to regulatory and data protection requirements (as applicable)

Order-Fulfillment at

Order-fulfillment relates to the picking of products according to a purchase or delivery order.

Equally important to accurate order-fulfillment is the active management of information flows related to:

  • the manual/automated transfer of orders from our clients‘ systems to IN-TIME‘s in order to optimally intergrate projects of various sizes
  • the fulfillment of orders according to information and documentation from clients
  • the creation of invoices and delivery notes on behalf of clients
  • the handling of client-specific document requests
  • the transmission of various confirmations to clients

We offer you the following advantages:

  • efficient and optimized order fulfillment
  • qualified and in-house trained IN-TIME warehouse employees
  • high-level responsiveness and flexibility in anticipation of/in reaction to changing end-customer, shipper, etc. requirements
  • transfer of your operational risk related to fluctuations in order volume, seasonal demand, etc.

After your order has been picked and packed, it is transfered to the responsible shipper for shipment to the end-customer.

Transportation, including the issuance of shipping documents, and customs processing are also services we offer.

Contract Logistics at

IN-TIME – Solutions for the Food Industry

The production of food items is subject to strict regulation.  Similarly, the storage and transportation of such items is also highly regulated.  Our warehouses and vehicles are equipped and certified in accordance with all food item regulations.

Breakfast cereal, dried fruit, and food additives are among the numerous food items that we store and transport with expertise.  Our Quality Control team ensures that all your product requirements are integrated into our work processes.  Our temparature-controlled warehouses maintain temperatures between +8 °C and +18 °C and are managed according to HACCP standards.


Utilization of a variety of loading in and loading out strategies (ex. First-In-First-Out) and tracking and tracing of product by batch, expiration date, etc. are as standard at IN-TIME as order fulfillment.

You can see the status of your order online at any time– providing you with an informational edge– in your billing or in providing accuracte infromation to your customers.

Advertising Material Storage at

Advertising Materials Logistics: Competetive Advantage Through Outsourcing

Are you looking for intelligent solutions to optimize your logistics process– from purchasing, quality control, database management, and warehousing to order management and distribution?

Are you looking for a system-independent platform for your data communications or to connect to an existing CMR system?

Would you like 24/7 access to your transactions and billing data?

IN-TIME is a long-term business partner for pharmaceutical companies and the pharmaceutical trade and industry.   Our advertising materials warehouse manages and distributes your advertising materials, printed materials, promotional products, and publications.

Advertising Materials Logistics Data:

  • Advertising material warehouse with 6,000 high-rack pallet bays
  • 2,000 picking receptacles
  • Daily shipping of orders via courier, express, and parcel services
  • Internet-based CRM System with order and delivery statuses
  • Special deliveries to sales representatves

Solutions for the
Airline Industry

Know-how und reliability are key requirements in the european aviation industry.

Our specialized fleet transports oversized freight between aviation production sites, meeting the highest industry quality requirements timely and safety.

We are one of the few suppliers able to provide a mega liner lorry and qualified personnel on short notice.

Track your product online in real-time, any time, up to final delivery.

Solutions for

We enable retailers to focus on their core competencies by providing logistics solutions.

Regardless of whether your business is online or brick-and-mortar-based, we can efficiently and cost-effectively manage the storage, order fulfillment, and delivery of your product for you.

We offer customs processing, quality control, value-added services, and on-time delivery.

No matter your logistics need, we will find a solution for it.