As a specialist for warehousing and logistics, we have firmly established roots that can be traced back to 1986. A well-positioned vehicle fleet, extensive storage areas, a committed and well-trained team are combined with reliability and sustainability.


Extensive experience builds:

Our clients have placed their trust in us for over 30 years

In 1986 we began as a small courier service – with 1 vehicle. Today we have a modern fleet of vehicles and our own logistics facilities. Over time, our company has continually developed and progressed, setting the course for the future of logistics. Many of our clients have steadfastly accompanied us on this ongoing journey.

In an industry in which fluctation is the norm, companies turn to us because they trust us and value the IN-TIME quality of work which has set us apart as a company since our founding days. Quality thanks to over 130 highly-qualified employees, a modern fleet of more than 60 vehicles, and warehouse capacity of more than 52,000 pallet bays in IN-TIME’s own warehouses.


  • 1986
    Founded by Christoph Gienow in Hamburg.
  • 1994
    ISO 9001 Certified
  • 1996
    Relocated to Stelle and construction of warehouse with 3,500 pallet bays.
  • 1998
    Addition of 3,500 pallet bays in Stelle. In total 7,000 pallet bays.
  • 2001
    Construction of a 2nd warehouse with 11,000 pallet bays and modern narrow-aisle technology and high-rack storage.
  • 2006
    Expansion of warehousing capacity by approximately 10,000 pallet bays in Stelle.
  • 2008
    Implementation of a HAACP concept for our grocery and animal feed clients.
  • 2010
    Expansion of warehousing capacity by 5,000 pallet bays.
  • 2014
    BIO Certified by the Lacon Institute.
  • 2017
    IFS Certified & GDP Certified by the SGS Institute
  • 2018
    Construction of new logistics center in Buchholz with approximately 40,000 pallet bays and licensed dangerous goods warehouse with approximately 10,000 pallet bays.
  • 2020
    Certification for hazardous substances
  • 2022
    Opening of extension building in November with 10,000 additional pallet bays

Our Investment in the future:

  • Professional Lorry Driver
  • Forwarding and Logistics Merchant
  • Warehouse Logistics Specialist
  • Office Management Merchant
  • IT Specialist in System Integration
  • Continuous employee and management development
  • Yearly internal and external trainings and briefings
  • Costs paid for master schools and lorry drivers licences
  • English lessons on a regular basis

Our Company

We cover the costs of school books and class trips.
A subsquent offer of employment will be striven for.

Thinking about tomorrow and the future:

Our Philosophy

Christoph Gienow’s philosophy when he founded IN-TIME in 1986 was “Association with the highest level of reliability and diligence.” This philosophy still applies today, from the execution of customer orders to the handling of our clients’ products. Our employees, regularly trained to meet to the ever-increasing requirements of our clients, are our most important resource in identifying with our clients and their needs. Our transportation fleet rounds out this philosophy. Regular adaptions to the fleet to meet current environmental requirements help us to contribute to sustainable transportation. Christoph Gienow’s direct involvement and a flat organizational structure mean our philosophy is put into practice daily- reliably and with diligence.

Environmental Consciousness

Knowing that all members of society must do their part in preserving the environment, IN-TIME is committed to actively protecting the environment. We comply with all regulatory requirements and thresholds. Additionally, we evaluate the environmental impact of all our activities and services. We strive to continually reduce our environmental footprint to the best of our ability, especially in those areas with significant environmental impacts. To guarantee quality work and environmental awareness, IN-TIME regularly provides employees with training and educational programs, continually developing employees’ know-how. Management ensures that all employees understand, observe, and apply these policies.

  • Sustainabilitya top priority
  • Since 1986service-oriented
  • Thinking aheadcontinuous quality improvement
  • environmental protectionawareness Training and the newest technology
  • ImpactDaily Focus on Fairness and Understanding.

Our Name is:

“For clients, IN-TIME should be synonymous with reliability and diligence.” That was the goal with which owner and Managing Director, Christoph Gienow, founded his transportation and logistics company in 1986. Many of our clients have been with us since our founding, placing their trust in our specialized industry experience and know-how. With more than 140 highly-qualified employees, a modern fleet of over 50 vehicles, warehouse capacity of more than 55,000 pallet bays, and our strategic location just south of Hamburg we are optimally positioned to fulfill your supply chain needs.

Because each client and each product has ist own logistical requirements, IN-TIME doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all services. Rather, we work with clients to analyze their supply chain and business processes, and then develop individualized service offerings which meet their transprortation, warehousing, value-add, and IT needs.


At the beginning of the 90’s, IN-TIME was one of the first Hamburg-based transportation and/or logistics companies to become ISO 9001 certified.

We are proud to have been a trailblazer in quality certification. Since then we have continuously developed our quality standards. Today IN-TIME holds not only the ISO 9001 certification, but also IFS Logistic, GMP+, Organic, and GDP certifications.  You can review these certificates below.